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January 14, 2014

2013 in review

by mendibpng


Our intern Luke Elliott  (pictured above, with Noah, Joe and Ellie) spent nine months living with us last year.

January: We had planned to go to the village and do a ‘walkabout;’ however, Ben and I became too sick to travel. Once the virus had finished, it took weeks before the fatigue left us. We had to cancel the trip and Ben worked from home. Our teammates Luke and Laura still went to the village to do language learning.

February-March: Ben worked from home in Ukarumpa. This entailed managing the project (reporting, etc), doing advisor checks on 1&2 Timothy as well as dealing with personnel issues long distance over the phone or via skype. I supported him as the team leader by checking in with teammates regularly and hosting team meals and meetings.
Dictionary Workshop participants identify nouns and verbs in their own languages.

April-May: We attended our bi-annual branch conference. During this month, we went to the village for a follow-up Dictionary Workshop and a translation revision for 1 &2 Timothy. We also began renovation on a staff housing building. Wayambo supervised the construction of most of our other buildings in our project previously, and came out to do this one. The house he renovated into a three bedroom house plus the downstairs apartment was split into two separate living spaces with their own bathrooms!
Jacob “helps” Wayambo.

June-July: Ben and our teammate John consultant checked 1 and 2 Timothy in seven languages (three first, then four the next week) which was the first time they have attempted to do so many languages at once. The translators and language consultants told us over and over how Paul’s words impacted their lives—it was the first time they had translated preaching, rather than narratives in Luke and Acts. A video team from Wycliffe U.S. come during this time to get footage of the project.
August-September: We all appreciated the stability time for the whole family while Ben worked from his cubicle in Ukarumpa. Meanwhile, we supported our team long distance as Luke and Laura did linguistic analysis, Jerry recorded Acts in Arop and Beth, Missy and Cindy went to all of the people groups in our project to do Scripture Use and Literacy activities. In September, Ben and I took the twins to Cairns to see a pediatric dentist, since both of them had some deep cavities that required the skills of a pediatric dentist.

Josiah helped lead worship at church numerous times throughout the year. He also plays in a Soul Purpose (youth) band and accompanies the Sunday school kids each week.
Jacob and Jenny Beth still talk about seeing kangaroos in Australia!

October-November: Seven of our translators/literacy workers came to Ukarumpa for a Discover Your Language course. Ben mentored the Rombar Onnele group which allowed him time to do some more in depth study of the language, which essentially will help them make the translation more accurate.
Language Discovery Course 05 crop
(photo credit: Phil King) Ben coaching the Onnele men during the Discover Your Language course.

November-December: Ben went Arop for a translation workshop, while the kids and I stayed in Ukarumpa. He took new computers for the translators and spent most of the time trouble shooting how to connect them to the online and local servers (which store data for our translations) It turned out to be a difficult task but he came home having left them all up and running, praise God! This was probably one of the most challenging times of the year, since many of the appliances in our house died (while Ben was gone) Praise God that the shipping office and the Wycliffe buyer in Cairns helped us replace most of them before Christmas!
At Christmas we had our hilarious moments…
but also our more serious ones, when we shared our Jesse Tree (advent) readings together.

December: Ben arrived home safely and hiked out to a friend’s village the next week. He ended up getting very ill on Christmas day but since we had a low-key holiday planned, he was able to stay in bed for well over a week.

In summary: I am sure you are able to read between the lines and see that it has been a very busy, very fruitful year work-wise. Now, we look to the next five months here in Papua New Guinea and pray that we will be able to balance work and family life as we also pack and prepare for furlough starting in June.

December 10, 2011

Christmas-time is here!

by mendibpng

In typical rainy-season fashion, we had a torrential downpour today.I felt cold enough to put socks and a sweatshirt on…and it felt a little like winter!

I have spent the last few days putting together our family Christmas calendar so I thought I’d share December’s page with you.

Having two two-year olds is hard work but we all love seeing their joy at all things Christmas…the lights going up on the tree, the special treats, the advent candles, and of course, our favorite Christmas movies. Christmas time is here!

January 2, 2011

What we do for fun in PNG…

by mendibpng

We decided to try to squeeze most of our entertaining into the days before Christmas for two reasons: I have lovely house helpers who are incredible at cleaning and helping me with the babies and we wanted to have a lot of down time in the days before and after Christmas.  Here are a few highlights from our holiday festivities.

A couple from our Bible study pulled a prank on us by stealing our Angel from the Christmas tree…here’s the ‘proof of life’ picture they sent long with a ransom note made of cut out magazine letters. It was very entertaining!

And just before Christmas, our dog Destiny gave birth to NINE puppies!

And of course highlights from Christmas Day! I do want to mention here that living in PNG can present challenges, particularly on birthdays and Christmas…we have to plan MONTHS and MONTHS in advance to get things here on time.  When we were on furlough, we shipped a few things for future events, which made getting ready for Christmas much easier than in the past.  I did notice that this year, in contrast to last year when we were in the U.S.,  my kids were satisfied with their few presents, rather than thinking about all the things they could have gotten. Perhaps the difference when we are overseas is that we don’t see commercials and are rarely able to go to stores.  There is a lot less of the ‘gimmee’s’ and just more room for the plain JOY of the holiday and celebrating Jesus’ birth.  Being together is the icing on the cake…Ben was reminding me recently that our oldest is not going to be little for very long. The seven of us plan to relish this time as a family.

And so, back to the highlights of our holiday so far….

Jacob and Josiah, the REAL twins of the family.

We all agreed that having two babies in the Christmas mix added an extra level of chaos and FUN!  We all enjoyed hearing their 15 month old dances and squeals of joy.

While we were wrapping presents and playing Christmas music, I made sweet rolls and a breakfast casserole, ready to bake the next morning for brunch. We ended up not having our real Christmas meal until 4 in the afternoon.

 The day after Boxing Day we continued celebrating by going down to our local river with a couple other families for a swim and cookout.  We weren’t able to drive our truck down so we set up a shade for the babies to keep them from getting burned while the big kids went swimming and Ben got the fire ready…(pictures curtesy of my friend Lizzie! I hardly remember to bring a camera to things these days)

Noah and his buddy Luke climbing up the bank…

Afterwards, we came home and the kids played Wii while we adults played a board game…all in all a very relaxing day with friends!

For New Years, some friends came over, and we feasted on Indian curried leg of lamb and other yummy Indian food, topped off with a British pudding and homemade icecream. We set up a projector and had a Nanny McPhee marathon, and rang in the new year together….alas, I didn’t have my camera out that night. But once again, we had a lot of fun.

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