Watch what God will do… (part 2)

by bzephyr

IMG_9797cropColorTwo months ago, we invited you to watch what God would do as we trusted him to provide the resources for us to follow his calling to return to Papua New Guinea in the ministry of Bible translation there. We were receiving 66% of our required monthly ministry budget at the end of December, and we have to be at 100% before we can go back.

Praise the Lord with us for his continuing provision!

At the end of January, we were receiving 82% of our required monthly budget.
At the end of February, were were at 85%.

And listen to this… 82 days ago, we started keeping a record of the new ways that God would use his people to provide for our needs. There are 59 items now on that list, which is exactly 5 per week (not even counting the many ways that people continue to faithfully partner with us month after month and year after year).

Please pray with us, too, that we will receive the significant one-time needs in order to go back. One of those needs is our return airfare for the seven of us to fly seven legs from Chicago to our remote village in Papua New Guinea, with some needed stops along the way. Thank you for partnering with us in God’s ministry of Bible translation.

2 Comments to “Watch what God will do… (part 2)”

  1. We look forward to your return. It’ll be so good to have you working here again.
    Our of curiosity: How do 59 items divide exactly into 5 per week? Do you have 11.8 weeks left?

    • Hey Steve, looking forward to working with you in the same timezone.
      I see from your question that my grammar was confusing. I should have said, “We started keeping a record of the new ways that we saw God would use using his people to provide for our needs. You did the math right, but in the wrong direction. That was the amount of time since we started keeping the log.

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