This Guy!

by mendibpng


All that food you see in the picture is what we buy for one stay in Arop village. Once we get to the village, we have to put everything into rat/ant proof containers. On many occasions, Ben has helped me with this overwhelming task, and has been known to wash each of our unrefrigerated eggs (if one cracks enroute to the village, it can spoil all the others.) One of our teammates called him “indefatigable” a while back, and I would echo that…he is great at solving *impossible* problems and will take time to finish a task well, two areas where I am extremely weak. Isn’t it humorous how God puts opposites together? (humorous, infuriating at times?)

On top of that, he isn’t afraid to admit when we struggle, and is willing to do whatever he can to get to a place where we are thriving. We are by far less than perfect. But the fact that he’s trying to do whatever he can, seeking God, gives me hope. Also the fact that we can admit we aren’t perfect gives me hope! If you are around long enough, you’ll see us for who we really are–sinners who fail and ask forgiveness on a frequent basis. Having now lived most of our married life as expats/strangers means that we need extra grace to handle the cumulative stress and overseas living together. So, today I’m thankful for him.


One Comment to “This Guy!”

  1. We love “that guy,” too! He’s an amazing husband and father and a steadfast servant of The Lord. Blessings on you, Ben. xxoo Your Florida Mom and Dad.

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