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November 10, 2014

These Five Kids

by mendibpng

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Starting off, I am thankful for my five kids. Being a mom is a job where I feel squeezed in every direction but it’s also one that also brings me the most joy. These kids have made me laugh, cry, and lean on God in ways that I never could have predicted back in 1997 when Ben and I married. I had to learn boundaries because of them. I had to learn self care so that I could care for them well. I also learned that I’m not enough and I’m often too much for them. That makes me want God intimately in my life, for every part of every day, whether I’m wiping a little one’s bottom or discussing a theological concept with a big kid.

I’m constantly learning new things (having teenagers!) and relearning things (since now our twins are preschool age) and sometimes my mind feels overloaded with input. But this year, taking time to create margin and be intentional about our family has already given us a great deal of joy, along with the hard times of transitioning to life here. I’m thankful for furlough, and for the people and places we get to experience together with our kids.

Life is messy. But full.



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