Life in America: by Ellie

by mendibpng

(photo by Ellie) Arboretum fall leaves.

Coming home to America is different then coming home to Papua New Guinea. It is a total shock when you go to restaurants and see how many choices on the menu. Or when you get overwhelmed by Walmart by so many things to buy. In Ukarumpa, there’s only one tiny little store with not a lot of choices. It runs out of things sometimes and it’s really expensive.

When you go to Papua New Guinea there are different rules, because it is totally another culture. Women have to wear skirts below their knees. Here we can wear shorter skirts or shorts.

Here we have the chance to do different things, like maybe swimming. If you live in Ukarumpa its not everyday you get to go swimming in a pool. But you might not get to swimming as much, but I did. Here, there are smooth roads; over there there are rocky and bumpy roads.

There, I have more friends because we are a close community so we get along very well. My friends are very close, I can walk to their houses. I do a special club with all the girls in my class. We play games and go outside every day.

Well in Ukarumpa, in PNG, also part of being a close community is welcoming everyone new. But here in America there is so many more people and you can’t go up to everyone and say, “welcome to America!” They might think your weird or kookoo. I feel shy here but over there I feel very funny. Here I’m serious, there I’m not. And here’s a tip. Don’t tell people about some gross stuff that you eat or do. They will stay away from you for the rest of their life. Or don’t eat off the floor in public!

Being a missionary kid means first goodbye to your home and your friends. Then transition….then you get over with it. I try to feel good about the things that are about to happen here in America. But when I trust in God he hears me and helps me through. I like this verse: Joshua 1:9.
By Ellie I Pehrson. (Or PIE. My initials spelled backwards)
Ahhh I love pie.


7 Comments to “Life in America: by Ellie”

  1. THAT was a great synopsis by Ellie, even the eating off the floor part :>) May she soon feel comfortable and funny again even here. Mandy, I wasn’t able to come hear you at the women’s Bible Study last Wednesday…which still gives me something to look forward to! Will you be paused in Wheaton for long at this time?


  2. Ellie, for someone who loves Pie, you came to the Right part of America – at the Right time of year! Enjoy!!
    And I will Pray that God will lead you to a “Silly” friend to be “Silly” with!! I’m pretty Serious myself, and my little grand daughter’s Other grandma is sometimes “Silly”, especially with her grandchildren. My granddaughter said to Me once “Could you be a little more Silly; it’s much more funner!!” So “Silly” can be really Good; hang on to that, and try not to lose it in all the transitions!

  3. Great job, Ellie! You are such a sweet girl and we miss you and your family! You’re very smart to recognize all of these differences. Keep up the good work and enjoy all of that pie! – Auntie Crystal

  4. I enjoyed reading that Ellie

  5. Dear precious Ellie, It is so grown up that you could write a blog about your experiences in culture transitions. What you have said makes perfect sense to PapPap and I, because we were missionaries in another culture for so long, too. You are going to be a strong young lady in all the transitions. How dowe know that? For one thing, you take the time to sit and think things through; like how you are experiencing people and situations. That’s what adults call “reflection.” It’s a very good practice. From the reflection, you talk things over with your wonderful parents, and talk things over with the Lord by your prayer times. This is what carries you from “reflection,” to “action” that is healthy and happy. Good job, honey! We know you will do well. Always remember how much we love you, and that we are praying every day for The Lord to keep you in His great love and care. Great writing, girl!!! Love, Your Oma and Your PapPapxxxxoooo

  6. Ellie, this is awesome! Keep up the great writing. Aunt Missy and Uncle Bob

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