Furlough Anticipation

by mendibpng

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Along with the grieving comes little moments of anticipation of things we are looking forward to enjoying in the first world.  It’s pretty common that one of the following comes up in conversation in family discussions:

  • seeing family and friends who we haven’t seen in four years (of course this is the TOP one)
  • buying baked goods (like bread) that I won’t have to make unless I really want to!
  • having a hot shower anytime of the day or night
  • being able to buy grocery items at about 1/4 of what we pay here (cereal, peanut butter, cheese, meat, etc.)
  • buying presents for our kids’ birthdays/Christmas right away, instead of planning 6-8 months ahead and figuring out how to ship them overseas…
  • grocery shopping at NIGHT and on holidays (ie the freedom to pop out for something)
  • using a clothes dryer
  • smooth roads
  • going to church
  • being able to eat out at a restaurant. Eating at Portillos first is one of our traditions!
  • enjoying fruits that we can’t get here: grapes, plums, blueberries, pears, etc.
  • taking the kids to pools to swim, museums, parks, and other fun activities
  • catching up on movies, shows and books we’ve missed out on while out of the country
  • foods like BACON and PEPPERONI
  • holding hands in public with Ben
  • highspeed/inexpensive internet
  • sidewalks

While I wrote this, I consulted my family. Noah piped up, “don’t forget to say ‘pizza.’ I love American pizza, and foodwise, basically just meat.” Then Ellie added, “shops…I can’t wait to get new clothes.” This is by no means a comprehensive list but it’s just a few things that popped into my mind. As I use up things in my kitchen, I keep thinking about the new memories we are going to make with family and friends and it is a wonderful feeling. (smiles)



4 Comments to “Furlough Anticipation”

  1. . . . and Grandpa pipes up “and don’t forget canoes, kayaks, and river trips.” : )

    Date: Sun, 8 Jun 2014 02:30:27 +0000 To: riverrunner7@msn.com

  2. We can’t wait, either! Love, Oma and PapPap

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