Sports Day 2014

by mendibpng

IMG_4380Sports day here in Ukarumpa is a community event. We went to watch Josiah (9th grade) do track and field events, while also catching up with friends. I feel that participating in community events helps ease the pending transition a bit for all of us.

I enjoyed watching the team events the most!
IMG_4927Many of the younger kids got into the spirit and cheered for their sibling’s teams (Alpha is Red, Beta is Blue). Noah (grade 6) and friends enjoyed painting their faces!IMG_5003Ellie and her fourth grade friends sold frozen juice pops to raise money for their girl’s club. It was a low parental effort (all we had to do was transport the freezie pops) and the girls had so much fun!IMG_5322After the high school events finished, the rest of the community had a chance to participate in 4×100 (and other) races. Our twins Jenny Beth (above) and Jacob (below) LOVED being able to run!IMG_5356


6 Comments to “Sports Day 2014”

  1. Hi Mandy – Great post ! Love the pictures ! Can’t wait to deliver some hugs to all those beautiful kids ! Lots of Love, Grandpa (and Grandma too)

    Date: Thu, 5 Jun 2014 06:02:38 +0000 To:

    • I should have mentioned somewhere that Ben took all the pictures–I just put them into the blog post! 😉 We’re all looking forward to seeing you soon!!!

  2. Looks like tons of fun for all the kids. GREAT photos!! Thanks for sharing, Mom and Dad.

  3. I too love the sports day pictures. anxious to see you at WB


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