Dress Up Day: PNG style!

by mendibpng

My P.N.G. aunties first called us so that we could get bilased (decorated).


They started getting the arm bands and putting them on my little sister and I.

They stuck pretty flowers in the bracelets, I think it’s so cool how they got it all together and ready.

JB’s (Jenny Beth’s) turn!

Isn’t she cute? Funny, she looks tired! Look closely, see how fancy the beading is.


Even Jacob got to look beautiful! (hhhaaaa) Now look at his necklace’s pattern.


Look at this kind of paint! It comes out of a fuzzy pod. The seeds are red. They rub it, and it’s like paint!

Me too! I get a turn to get painted.
bilas 9

Now they get a turn to look nice in front of the camera.

bilas final

Here we are all together. They made a hard effort to get everything ready. I love my village!

Written by Ellie, age 10.

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5 Comments to “Dress Up Day: PNG style!”

  1. Everything about the kids’ decoration is special….especially the beads. What kind of occasion would warrant the special dress up? A wedding, perhaps? Thanks, Ellie, Mandy and Ben, for sharing this ! (The Florida) Mom and Dad.

    • They dress up for celebrations, welcoming newcomers, when a woman is about to be married or have her first baby, etc. I think in this case, they knew we were leaving for furlough for a year so they wanted to do something special for our girls. They loved it! 🙂

  2. Reblogged this on Wycliffe Bible Translators USA and commented:
    Here’s a great post by Ellie, a missionary kid in Papua New Guinea (PNG)! You can read more posts from her family at https://livingletters.wordpress.com/.

  3. Love the pics and Ellie’s thoughts throughout. Such a rich experience to grow up participating in other peoples ways of celebrating xoxo Jen

  4. That is so special, the kind of thing the older ones will never forget. We’ll keep you in prayer as you travel.

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