Half a world away, I too am shaken

by bzephyr

…a giant Tree’s been felled this morn
this norm, i hardly knew

IMG_9579crop780though half a world away i too am shaken
and long that i could go

where my dad grew roots
with other boughs of family line
had nearly split apart,
yet for this sapling and my seed
the wind has carried far
and we know not our mountain land
that beckons in my blood.
it’s Kin is dear to them who are so very close to me
but i grieve the Loss i can not now find,
this Giant of a Man.


Sometimes the pain of separation and loss are felt more acutely than others. This is one of those times. The verses above are the first part of a poetic duet that I started writing yesterday with a stranger as we reflect on the new loss that I awoke to yesterday within my own life and family. This has caused me to pause and consider the future in light of a deep past that has mostly escaped my experience. More to come…

3 Comments to “Half a world away, I too am shaken”

  1. Love it !


  2. Hey Dad, I’m glad you do. I’m writing it for you and all the others I love and wish tjat I could share life with more normally.

  3. Mandy, Dad and I are curious what event this relates to. Has something happened with Ben’s parents? Love, Mom and Dad

    George Hobbs ghobbsa@wmconnect.com

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