Desperately Needed New Computers…

by mendibpng

(above) Sissano translator Kenny (in the blue hat) using one of the old computers during consultant checking with his two village consultants last July. Ben tells me that every time they would click on something on the screen, they would have to wait 5 or more minutes for the cursor to be ready to move on!

Rarely am I ever motivated to write about computers….until now. Our project computers have served us well for the past 3+ years but earlier last year began to show signs of being worn down due to age and the hot and humid climate of our village. One by one they started malfunctioning: the keyboards, hard drives, and other things. We have a small graveyard of broken computers in our house, having come back to us with word that they were not repairable.

Last year our project funders agreed to purchase new computers, which Ben and computer specialists here spent time testing and researching. Their goal was to find the best computers for the cost, which would also be able to utilize power well (since we use solar power during the day and generator at night.) After they had agreed on the best computers for our needs, Ben spent more time looking into the cost of getting them here, which was going to be very expensive. He found out in April that a team coming from the U.S. could bring them in their luggage saving the project a lot of money. The man who packed them figured out how to get them all into three suitcases, and he had no trouble in customs bringing them in. Knowing everything that could go wrong in traveling here, we were amazed and thankful that they arrived safely!

On Monday, Ben carefully packed each computer into a Pelican Case (think airtight and water proof, which is much needed for traveling over the dirt roads) and as he did, I prayed that he and the computers would get to their destination safely and that none would go missing on the way. Yesterday around 2 pm, he called to tell me he had made it to the village in record time, and everything was safe in its place. Again, knowing all the things that could go wrong when traveling, I marveled at how swiftly everything arrived safely in the village! As I type this, I am shaking my head because I often expect things to go wrong here…so it feels like nothing short of a miracle that they came all the way from the U.S. with no problems at all.

If you think of it, please pray for Ben this week as he sets up all of the computers. One of our computer support personnel set up an ‘Alpha’ computer before Ben left. This computer is the one Ben will use to reimage the others (meaning, all of them will look exactly like it if things go well.) Ultimately, it would be wonderful for the translators to be able to use their new computers this week. Praise God with us for technology that allows us to do Bible translation in 10 language groups in our remote village!!!


One Comment to “Desperately Needed New Computers…”

  1. Praise the Lord that the computers have arrived and are almost ready for work where they are needed. God is always at work, pushing the Light of His Word into the darkness. Love you! Praying for you! Mom and Dad.

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