Missionary Kids ‘Movies’ Carnival

by mendibpng

Every year, the high school students put on a Carnival for our community and to raise money for a worthy cause (usually a charity). For the younger kids, Carnival is one of the highlights of their entire year!
Jacob lucked out with Auntie Donna as his face painter!
All of our kids had a crack at dunking the teachers at the Dunk Tank. Ellie was graceful during her turn!
Joe led some ninth graders in the Kunfu Panda/Thor booth. Jacob and Jenny Beth practiced sumo wrestling there…
…although JB thought that dancing in circles was more fun than bumping into her brother!
Another highlight is always the homemade Ferris Wheel….
Auntie Donna took Jenny Beth on the Ferris Wheel, much to JB’s excitement
Ellie said the sky was beautiful that day…I agree, it turned out to be a great day for Carnival!

Jacob had a chance to play with his brother’s Thor hammer…
Watch out…this one’s dangerous!
Jenny Beth’s turn at the Dunk Tank…
Noah at ‘The Lord of The Rings’ mini golf course…we didn’t actually get many pictures of this guy because we only saw him occasionally to give him tickets! [This is one of the perks of having older kids…]
If you ask our twins what their favorite part of Carnival was, they would tell you “THE BOUNCY HOUSE!” and “THE FERRIS WHEEL!” My favorite part was being able to buy food that I didn’t have to cook–in fact, I had the whole day off of cooking, which is a special luxury for me, as we don’t have the opportunity to ‘eat out’ much.


2 Comments to “Missionary Kids ‘Movies’ Carnival”

  1. Thanks for the wonderful pictures which made us almost feel present at Carnival with you. The ferris wheel looks a tad rickety. Oma would have been a bit nervous seeing her family on it. But obviously it was fine and a ton of fun.
    Great! Love, Oma and PapPap, too.

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