Happy Birthday Down Under!

by mendibpng

Jacob and Jenny Beth are four today. Four years of adding twins to our family of five to make it seven…four years of laughter, tears, messes and joys. I knew these two little people would bring a lot of change to my life, but I didn’t count on the amount of joy that they bring. They are always playing off of each other, making life very interesting for the rest of us. Of course, they are normal kids who test the limits and have their ‘moments’ of parent testing. But. If you look at the whole picture, as I like to do…the nitty gritty doesn’t matter so much. I love being their mom. I love being Josiah, Noah and Ellie’s mom too. Today we took Jacob and Jenny Beth to the zoo to celebrate their birthday…

On the way to the zoo, Jacob started to sing a song he had made up about the zoo. Jenny Beth started talking about Pippopamuses (Hippos). The conversation went like this “If I call you Jacob, then you will come to me, and help me get on the Pippo, k?” to which he readily agreed. Although there appeared to be mostly Australian animals at the zoo, (and no Pippos) the biggest hit by far was feeding the kangaroos.

Jacob declared that his favorite animals at the zoo were the kangaroos, koalas and crocodiles. He enjoyed telling people that it was his and Jenny Beth’s birthday as we went from exhibit to exhibit.


After a fun day at the zoo, we took a scenic drive to Port Douglas, stopping at several beaches to play (and eat). When we asked the twins what they wanted for supper on their birthday, they both said “chips!” So we decided to add ‘fish and’ to that.


The birthday girl


and boy!


They were literally mesmerized by their sparkler candles! Happy number four you two!!

p.s. Jacob and Jenny Beth will have another birthday party with their siblings when we get back to PNG. Jacob has had enough of Australia apparently…he keeps saying “I want to go back to Agrumpa and see my Joe, my Noah and my Ellie. Tomorrow, right mom?” I say, “nope, we have a few more sleeps left here buddy!”


2 Comments to “Happy Birthday Down Under!”

  1. love all the language! missing when in our family “super califra jellystick makes me alidocious”

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