“Follow the yellow (and red) brick road….”

by mendibpng

As all of our bookings are made and paperwork is done for Australia, I thought I’d backtrack a teeny bit and post some pictures from the Ukarumpa International Primary School (UISPC) annual Sports Day.

Our kids look forward to this day, so much that we try NOT to miss it by being in the village. This year, as usual, it went smoothly, thanks to the teachers and administrators who ran the event. My favorite thing about that day is watching the sportsmanship that goes on. For every race I witnessed, parents, teachers and students cheered every single kid on, no matter the final result. I love that. It’s definitely a fun day for our family

The following are a few of the hundreds of pictures Ben took that day.


In our family, even those who are too old or aren’t old enough to participate wear yellow to show team spirit.

Ellie participating in a team event: the obstacle course. She and her friends practiced the course often during recess the week before Sports Day.

Noah doing the long jump.
“Gooooo Yellow!!”

Ellie and her friend Amanda in the three legged race!

Look at all these beautiful children–a long day for sure, but they had great attitudes and made it fun. Thank you, UISPC staff, for all the hard work you did to make this day happen!


2 Comments to ““Follow the yellow (and red) brick road….””

  1. Fantastic event, fantastic learnings of being community, fantastic pictures! Thank you for sharing! Love, (The Florida grandparents)–George and Anne aka Oma and PapPap

  2. Neat to have a parent comment on the day- and- my, don’t the hills look brown

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