Beautiful PNG: my garden

by mendibpng

I cannot claim any credit for the elegant flowers in my yard: the former owners of our home worked with a local man to plant and nurture it. We have orchids, roses and dozens of different kinds of other flowers in addition to the guava, banana, grapefruit and moon fruit trees. I often jokingly say that I have a black thumb, because everything I planted in the past never came up or ended up dying quickly. Two young men come every other week to work in the yard and since this is their only employment, I am happy to leave the work to them. Some day maybe I will have some time to learn but even though I don’t know much about gardening, it doesn’t stop me from enjoying it and being thankful.












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6 Comments to “Beautiful PNG: my garden”

  1. Your garden seems very beautiful……….

  2. Who could ever doubt the love of God, when He gives us such beauty to enjoy! What a divine genius our God is. Mom.

  3. I love the bottlebrush! 🙂 ❤ ~ Amy

    • Thanks Amy, that is my single most favorite tree in the yard. I haven’t figured out how to get a decent picture of the whole thing…maybe some day 🙂

  4. Dear Mandy,

    Thanks so much for posting these beautiful pictures. Christopher’s Grandma will appreciate them in a special way, as she also “inherited” a garden.

    With love,

    “Aunt” Sue

    Sent from my iPad

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