Beautiful PNG: views from the sky

by mendibpng

We translator families have many opportunities to see the vast mountains and coastlines from the sky because we travel so often. I love the cloud formations!





This final picture illustrates just how skillfully our pilot Christopher flew over the Aiyura Valley last week in order to land safely at our airstrip. Notice the thick layer of clouds over the mountains, which he wove through expertly, past Yonki Dam and home again for us. We are always grateful to have a safe way to get to and from our village!



One Comment to “Beautiful PNG: views from the sky”

  1. You are truly becoming world class photographers. Beautiful work! The beauty of the earth speaks of the great love of God to us all. Also, we are CONTINUALLY thankful for the pilots and plane maintainer families who keep you all safe on journeys and add so very much to the whole Bible translation process. Giving thanks to God, and Love to you all, Mom and Dad.

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