Beautiful PNG: Wewak town

by mendibpng

On occasion, we’ve been able to spend time in one of our favorite places: Wewak.

Wewak Town from the sky



…and the town itself:


…my favorite store, pictured below (we have Papindos all over PNG) because I can get things like sweet chilli sauce, soy sauce, wonton wrappers, spices, noodles and other Southeast Asian food supplies that make my cooking here fun.  Down the block a bit is a fairly large department/grocery store where we can buy apples and icecream, two things we highly prize here!


Next, here’s a scenic drive back to the guesthouse our mission runs. One of the thing that strikes me often is how many hues of green there are to feast my eyes on…



and the Kodiak plane lands at the Wewak airport to whisk us back to our home in Ukarumpa!

I had so many beach pictures I decided to make a separate post, so stay tuned for the next one.


One Comment to “Beautiful PNG: Wewak town”

  1. A little bit of heaven on earth to be enjoyed by God’s servants. So nice! Mom and Dad

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