Big Kid School: “Everyone will love me”

by mendibpng

I woke up today with Jacob bouncing around, saying, “I am going to the Big Kid School today!” (and every five minutes after that he told me it was time to go! That was a loooong hour for him!)


It’s the cold time of year here in the highlands…so most of us bundle up in hoodies, long pants and socks at least until the sun comes out and warms us up!


Ellie is now in grade four, and Noah is in grade six. The twins are in a class called “Puk Puk” (Crocodile)–it’s a two morning a week preschool for three year olds. Jenny Beth’s famous quote to our team last week was, “I’m going to school. Everyone will love me.” Yes they will. That is our experience so far with our kids school!


Here they are just outside their classroom.


And inside, talking to the teacher’s aide, Miss Alice, who happens to be a close family friend! How great, that they get to see one of their PNG mamas at school! They didn’t mind us leaving them at all…I felt hesitant walk away because it was so fun to see them looking at everything and talking to each other. Miss Alice chuckled and said to me, “lukim tupela, ol amamas long stap lo hia. Yu no ken wari. Ol bai stap orait” (Look at them, they are really happy to be here. You don’t have to worry: they will be alright.” I think the twins factor is in play here too: as long as they are together, they feel happy to be left in places. I walked away smiling.

My prayer for Jacob and Jenny Beth is that they will love their little friends and respect their teachers as they begin their school journey. My heart realizes that this is the first of many transitions ahead for my youngest children: the first small step outside of their little world at home, away from me and towards growing up. On the other hand, I relish the peace and quiet two mornings a week will give me. (happy dance!)

I know I have said this before, but I am also thankful for the school providing a safe and healthy environment for each of my kids. Oh how I love Ukarumpa International School!!! Without it, we couldn’t do our work with the Aitape West Translation Team. Thank you to the team of teachers and administrators who make it a place where my kids thrive.


6 Comments to “Big Kid School: “Everyone will love me””

  1. Beautiful pictures of Ben and the children! We can almost feel the joy and excitement of each of the kids to be with their friends again and onward bound to studies and learning. Is Ellie wearing the hoodie we sent her? I seem to remember it was purple. JB looks just like Ellie at that age.We , too, are so thankful for the godly teachers our grands have had in Australia, Penang, and Ukarumpa! Isn’t it fantastic?! Love, Mom and Dad.

    George Hobbs

    • Yes, we are really grateful for our school, and the schools our nieces and nephews are going to. God is so good to provide places for our kids to thrive. 🙂 xoxo

  2. Mandy, I think the purple jacket Ellie is wearing is the one Daddy and I sent her. We were so happy to see that!!! Mom.

    George Hobbs

  3. Mandy, your children are adorable.They look happy and excited. That is great. I just believe also that everyone will love them! Hang in there, you are doing a great job. Don’t let the enemy tell you different. Deen

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