You know you have twin toddlers in the village when….

by mendibpng


So some of us sat around our dining room table while this list formed and I realized, some of these things are not unique to Missionary Kids…it’s just toddlers! Adding to the uniqueness of being twins, our littles have the benefit of three older siblings and Luke, an intern living with us this year.

And….(drum roll please)…..The List

1. ‘Sleeping in’ is a thing you did long ago and can’t remember what it’s like. “Mom! You need to wake up so you can make ours bre-fast!” (Jenny Beth)

2. They entertain you by funny use of language, including insertion of Tok Pisin words: “That’s not an AIRPLANE, it’s a BALUS!!!!!” (Jacob)


3. You have a constant stream of hugs and kisses during the day.

4. You decide that mud is your friend because you see so much of it.

5. You discipline them for chasing [beloved] village ducks and chickens. In the instance (below) I kept telling Jacob, just look–don’t touch the ducklings!
jacob and ducks crop sm

6. They wear shoes only once or twice in a month. (sorry mom, if you are reading this!)

7.They have to know how many sleeps until it’s time to leave the village or a little friend comes back from furlough.

8.They have a world of make believe that is all their own. For example, they’ve never seen snow so they think that snowmen are evil. “It’s gonna make snowballs and hit us.”

9. At any time, one of them will make an announcement that covers the both of them like, “we wants to…” or “we don’t like….” In this case, they told me “we wants a snack!” to eat while they watched our neighbor boys build their mama a house.

10. They love to have ‘jobs’ to do…sometimes they get to do a job with Ben during Daddy Time. Other times, they get to be messengers to their aunties and uncles (our teammates).

11. They’ve learned to express themselves in relation to good-byes and transition: -“Goodbye village house!” -“I’m gonna ride my bike when I get to ‘A-grumpa” (Ukarumpa) -“I’m going to see my airplane again!” -“I miss my babies!” This is a culvert (outside our house) which Jacob likes to cover with chalk drawings with his Arop friends. It’s one of the things that he considers ‘his’ in his “billage.”

12. Their real life heroes are missionary pilots who fly helicopters and Kodiak airplanes. On our last trip, pilot Steve buckled Jenny Beth’s baby into the seat with her, “so I wouldn’t lost her under my seat.”

13. They have a whole duffel bag for special babies (Jacob’s is “Lydia” and Jenny Beth’s is “Mario” and a bear named “Cluh Cluh”), pillows and blankets, labeled “Priority 1”–meaning this one doesn’t get left behind if you are overweight on cargo.

14.You end up repeating the curious way they use language, like “this is Ba-licious” (delicious) “look!! There’s a heffalump!” (village pig) and my recent favorite: “little twins likes momma’s coffee!”


My thoughts and ramblings: I don’t really think that my twins really are that different from other three and a half year olds, since I’ve had three other three year olds before. I would say though, that life is INTENSE and chaotic most of the time. When both of my twins are in transition or cranky, I feel like there’s not enough of me to go around. I originally thought that we would have a ‘manageable’ sized family…I remember saying “we’ll only have enough kids that we can take care of well” before Ben and I got married. But God had other plans when he brought two ‘unexpected blessings’ into our family. I wouldn’t change the experience of having the twins because they have expanded my older kids’ capacity to love. They have also changed Ben and me. I have learned to trust God to help me when I didn’t feel like I could be a good mom to five kids (I really can’t, on my own!) and I’ve learned that although I may feel limited right now (as to what I can do for the translation project or in member care with other missionaries) there is plenty of time for that later on. Right now, I am learning contentment in the place God has put me–being a full time wife and mother. Some days I might feel like my life is too hard but then I think, there’s nothing I would rather be doing than what I’m doing right now. I am thankful that God didn’t hold me to my original plan!!


4 Comments to “You know you have twin toddlers in the village when….”

  1. I very much appreciate reading this, especially now that I’ve gotten to know these little ones ever so briefly! You and Ben are doing a fantastic job serving God as a family on the field. Keep doing what you’re doing, because it’s great work, even though I know there are days when you may not see that right now.

    • Dustin, we really enjoyed having you and your team here last week! I am glad you all finally made it home safely. Thanks for all the encouragement and for the great interview questions which prompted this post 🙂 Hope we can catch up with you when we come to FL on furlough!!

  2. We’re so thankful for the precious toddler moments you shared with us through fantastic pictures. Thanks, Mandy and Ben! Love, (your Florida) Mom and Dad.
    ps- it’s OK about the kids going barefoot. I have less angst about it knowing that they are ‘covered/smothered’ by Oma/PapPap prayers. 🙂
    extra ps- the pilots truly are heroes.

    • ha ha ha, yes, we are glad that they are covered by your prayers. 🙂 And don’t worry, we treat them for parasites regularly!! xoxo

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