Confessions of a missionary wife: I choose JOY….

by mendibpng

Our lives have been full of ups and downs in the weeks gone by. There have been nights where my mind has been too busy to let me sleep. There have been moments weeks ago when grief became too much for me or when I was too exhausted from transition, packing and sickness to do much of anything. Added to that, we had some big decisions looming in the distance which felt difficult to navigate. I took a break from blogging and other social media and retreated to the safe haven of a few of my closest friends. But yesterday when I was going through our pictures from that time period, I felt a small whisper in my spirit to “choose joy…” In other words, I choose not to let those things keep me down. As someone said to me recently, even my worst day is probably not equal to someone else’s best day.

(Today was a GOOD day by the way, in case the above paragraph is making anyone question my sanity…although, on any given day it’s a perfectly legitimate question of a mom of five of my own kids plus one intern!) 🙂

So here are the pictures from our month in Ukarumpa that made me smile and remember to choose joy:


Jacob and Jenny Beth dancing at an Aussie Bush Dance in Ukarumpa. She was pirouetting around like a princess while he was break dancing and thrashing about!


Josiah and the rest of his 8th grade class put on a Living History Museum for the 3rd and 4th graders…Josiah and his friend Amechi’s booth? The Gladiators–where kids could fight with foam sticks on a gymnastics mat. Needless to say it was a hit!


Ellie’s class put on several reader’s theater plays, one of which she wrote. She wrote “The Resurrection” play when we were in the village in May.

Noah bday

Noah turned twelve in June. We celebrated as a family on the day with his requested Vietnamese rice paper spring rolls, then a sleepover the next night with tacos and Avengers movie with a few of his buddies, and finally the next week at the Boutique Hotel in Wewak where we had a rare treat of eating at a restaurant! We sure celebrated that boy this year!!


Oh and here are my girlies wearing their cute outfits from their Grandma Vivien!


6 Comments to “Confessions of a missionary wife: I choose JOY….”

  1. Mandy, It is really hard for my mind to stop cranking some nights. I hope that is a “ministry person” symptom and not something awful you inherited from your Mom. Seriously, Dad prays with me at bedtime, and I try to exercise just thoughts of what I’m thankful for, and something I’m looking forward to. The Lord will carry you in your days and your nights. He is your joy! Love, Mom.

    • Thanks, mom, yes, prayer does help…and I don’t know where I’d be without Ben supporting me 🙂 Yes, you are right the Lord is my JOY and strength!

  2. Again, dear Mandy, you have expressed yourself beautifully. And the added pics are wonderful! Can’t believe those sun dresses are so short, the girls really are tall for their ages. I need to thank Janelle for bringing them to you.

    • thanks for commenting and thank you for the lovely dresses–they work great with shorts and are perfect for our tropical climate! 🙂

  3. Hi Mandy, love the pictures!

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