Renovation Days 14 to 15

by bzephyr

This month has been quite crowded at the Aitape West Translation Project with overlapping translation and dictionary workshops. The literacy team continued to make progress as they taught through the dictionary workshop coursebook.


We’re getting ready to host even more team members in June/July when we consultant check 1 & 2 Timothy, record the audio of Acts, and host some international partners. So it’s good to see new walls going up.

By day 14, work started on the new second floor room that was formerly airspace for a nest of little bats located above the water tanks. Since the room will include the existing door to the verandah and extend out beyond the current railing, it was time to remove some posts and bearers…



At this point in the project, we realized that we were a little short on lumber. We arranged for local neighbors with a chainsaw to cut what we needed. But when they couldn’t get their saw running, Wayambo found enough spare pieces laying around that he could rip himself…


Here, you can see where the new floorplan connects to the existing verandah. Not only are we extending the floor in the direction of the old water tank location, we’re also extending outwards a few feet…


Hey, this is exciting…IMG_2751cropsmall

What can we do to help?



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