Renovation Days 12 to 13

by bzephyr

With a bigger team and growing opportunities to facilitate Bible translation and language development, we needed an urgent renovation to an existing building in order to accommodate more people at our training center in the bush. By day 12 we were utilizing the water tank that had moved to its new location, so it was time to move the second water tank. And this meant we could start framing the room that would go in at ground level.


Once the bearers and floor joists were in place, it was time to start putting up the wall framing…


And once the ground floor walls were up, it was time to think about supporting the second floor. This is when Wayambo’s skills really started being appreciated. Building a two story addition onto an existing house is not as easy as it would have been to build a separate building. And this is especially true for this house, because they’ll have to do some creative jacking of the house in order to knock the existing posts out without compromising the integrity of the existing cantilevered structure.


At the end of day 12, this warped bearer was giving them real problems.


They couldn’t jack the existing house high enough to pound this bearer into place. So they’ll have to try again tomorrow after a good night’s rest…


The next day, they had success, and so it was time to take the old posts out…


More jacking and supporting…


Another day’s work…


And meanwhile, the literacy team continued to make progress on their dictionaries…




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One Comment to “Renovation Days 12 to 13”

  1. It has been so fun to follow the progress of this building project. I have been so impressed with their skill of the builders. But I think the most impressive thing is that the workers are barefoot! I don’t even go into my garage without shoes! Love to you guys!Chrissy

    Date: Sat, 11 May 2013 12:38:05 +0000 To:

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