Renovation Days 8 to 11

by bzephyr

In the Aitape West Translation Project, one of our main goals is the training of trainers so that Papua New Guineans are equipped to serve their own communities and also share their skills and experience in helping others from the various 831 languages in this country. So two years ago we realized that we had a need for additional staff to train our PNG colleagues from the 11 languages in this project. We are now seeing new teammates join the project.

Below, our new teammate Luke from the UK demonstrates some features of the computers that these literacy personnel are using as they work on their dictionaries.


The quick influx of new staff has also created an urgent need for additional facilities in our remote village training center.

By day 8 of our renovation project, Wayambo had started making some significant changes in the existing downstairs flat. He had moved the kitchen counter over about a meter in order to make space for a new hallway to the old toilet and shower rooms from the new flat being built outside this kitchen window. This existing flat will receive the new bathroom.


And the framing for that new hallway has started…


Wayambo started fitting the new shower tray…


And we saw a new ditch dug to direct the waste water from the new shower and hand basins…


And one of the jobs that I’m spending a lot of time on in this project: the plumbing. On day 11, it was once again Sunday, so time to rest. But we did allow our water pumps to work all day as we pumped water from the remaining existing water tank to the repositioned water tank. And before we turned the generator off for the night, we were able to start getting water out of the newly plumbed water tank. Tomorrow, we’ll move the second water tank so we can start building the two new rooms.


These days also marked the dictionary workshop being into full swing after the translators left to go home and check 1 & 2 Timothy with their communities. But they also marked the start of several days of cleaning viruses off our 22 project computers and our local network. Below, Beth (right) and Luke’s wife, Laura (left), help run the virus scans.


Everywhere we look these days, we see people working together to support the growing work and ministry of this Bible translation project. We are blessed!


2 Comments to “Renovation Days 8 to 11”

  1. WOW! This is a huge amount of work! Bless you all!

  2. This is all too wonderful to see and read about! God bless each and everyone!! Glad to see A. Beth looking well, and Ben in barefeet behind the shoed national. Maybe when you come to the U.S. you will say with the kids that the thing they don’t like here is having to wear shoes. lol

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