Renovation Days 2 to 4

by bzephyr

So we’re creating new quarters for a growing staff in the Aitape West Bible Translation Project in Papua New Guinea. Did you see those broken ladders yesterday? They got repaired, and we gained a brand new one as well. Wayambo added bailing wire between some of the legs to help hold them together….


Also on Day 2 we stacked all the plywood with pieces of flooring between them in order to dry out these valuable materials that had gotten wet during the long trip from Wewak town…



The first water tank was removed, and the pipes had to be temporarily re-plumbed so the remaining tank could still supply water to three houses. The extra downpipes also had to be directed temporarily away from the work area….


The new cement footings were poured for the new posts…IMG_2066cropsmall

Our 600lbs of batteries had to be moved over about a meter to make room for the new bathroom. Since this includes seven batteries wired in parellel, we decided it was easier to move the whole thing than to disconnect the complicated maze of greased-up wires. This required a bit of engineering, some re-wiring to the inverter, strengthening the wood box, and a lot of muscle from our neighbors and translators…


The new bathroom was started in the existing breezeway…



Day 4 was Sunday, so it was time to rest after a productive three days.

Sunday also marked the end of a two-week translation workshop and the start of a three-week dictionary workshop. The translators from nine languages would be staying for three days to overlap with their literacy teammates in order to check one another’s work.

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