Renovation Day 1

by bzephyr

Our Bible translation team has been blessed to have several new team members join our ranks in the past few months. This is great because we’ve been realizing in recent years that we need more staff to keep so many things running smoothly in the areas of translation, literacy, church partnership, linguistics, and scripture use training for eleven languages.

But the larger team means that we have an urgent need for more staff quarters. This month we have 47 beds filled as we host overlapping translation and dictionary workshops. In June, we’ll have several more people joining us as we consultant check 1 & 2 Timothy and start recording Acts.

I’ve been quite absent recently from social media and blogging, but the current renovation is so fun to watch and manage, that I’ll try to post some pictures here as I find time between plumbing jobs, computer crashes, and dictionary lessons.

We are so thankful that several partners came through with emergency funding for this urgent need in the past several weeks. Just in time, too! Our carpenter, Wayambo, arrived here in the village on April 25. Here are pictures from his first day on the job.


To save money, the plan is to build two rooms underneath the existing roof of this building where the water tanks are located. The original thought was to fix another broken water tank and pump water from one to the other before moving the first tank so we wouldn’t lose any valuable water. However, the other tank proved once again to be too difficult to fix. So we resorted to emptying the first tank into the ditch. But not before informing our neighbors that good clean water was available.


Our neighbors’ children quickly formed a queue to collect water for their families for the next few days. We were glad our water didn’t go to waste, but now we’re praying for rain! One empty tank usually means that we need to start more stringent rationing of this precious resource.


The first most difficult decision was where to move the water tanks. We have other building plans in the works, so we’re limited as to where they will fit on our plot of ground. Above, you can see the ground that was leveled for the new placements.

The other problem with where to put the tanks is where to direct the overflow of water after heavy rains. This new spot is far from two available ditches. The plan will be to run 100mm pipe underneath the house, which stands on small posts and has just enough clearance to fit the pipe and direct the water to the ditch on the opposite side of the house.

Unfortunately, acquiring gravel is quite difficult for us now, so we were planning to simply put the tanks on the ground, a dangerous proposition since this was the cause of our other tanks breaking. But we’ll attach flexible pipe to the outlets so that sinking tanks will not cause immovable pipes to put pressure on the tanks as we have learned the hard way. But stay tuned, because Wayambo has proven to be resourceful with this kind of problem in the past.

Another job for day number one was to start repairing our old broken ladders. Are they beyond repair?



And the first day is also the day to adjust the table that holds the chop saw and start on those first cuts…


Wayambo is wearing the cap, and he’s getting assistance from our neighbor friends in Arop. Thankfully, we’re starting to get to the bottom of the major problems we were having with our generators for the previous two weeks, so we can still use a good tool like this one.


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