A few pre-village pictures…

by mendibpng

“We’re ready to go swimming mom!”
IMG_1958Jacob loved the beach so much he said to Ben, “can we go to the sand and water place again, please daddy?”
I think the thing that I love the most about going to the beach is watching my kids do the things I loved to do as a child. My parents took us to the beach for family vacations a lot…and there’s a deep satisfaction when I see my kids enjoying the beach too!
I love sitting by the sea, it reminds me of how I would soak up the sound of the crashing waves and breathe in the salt air when I was at school in Penang, Malaysia. Creation helps soothe this tired momma’s soul.
We ‘took’ Ben out to an airconditioned restaurant for his birthday lunch. I think food tastes better when I don’t have to cook it!
“Happy Birthday Ben!” We had a hard time finding him something for a birthday present…except that at the last minute, we did locate some Asian Pears (his favorite fruit) in Papindos! We have NEVER seen them here in PNG before, ever. Ah, isn’t it the simple things that make life good?

Having a little time to rest/recuperate in Wewak gave us enough margin to be ready for another village stay.

In the weeks before we left our home in Ukarumpa, we had back-to-back conferences and meetings. The day we had planned to leave, Jacob ended up with a double ear infection, so everybody went on the flight without the twins and I. When I arrived in Wewak with the twins a week later, I had a sinus infection and could barely eat because of the pain. Ben decided to delay our arrival to the village, which turned out to be a really good decision for the whole family. He took us swimming nearly every day, either to the hotel where we’d have lunch and swim, or to a beach close by, also near a hotel where we could order drinks and fries if wanted. (Eating out is a HUGE luxury for us, because we have to travel to a major city or town to find a good restaurant. I loved having a break from cooking everything from scratch! I think it had been a whole year since we had ‘eaten out’.)  Ben even had time to do the rest of the shopping for the current construction project,  a small feat in itself if you’ve ever been to a hardware store in Wewak. The only bummer about the week was missing our boys Josiah and Luke (our intern). Josiah had to return to school the day I arrived, while Luke went on to stay with a village family, as was prearranged before we left Ukarumpa.

Stay tuned for a blog post by our daughter Ellie, who thought that a trip to a waterfall was the highlight of our stay in Wewak….


6 Comments to “A few pre-village pictures…”

  1. Thanks for the photos and descriptions, Mandy! Y’all have been through an intense time, and I hope this round of illnesses is behind you. Luke seemed to greatly enjoy his village stay. Hugs all around!

    • Thanks Dan—I was glad that at least Luke avoided the sickness this time. Yes, he had a great village stay, and people are saying that he’s a “PNG man stret” (straight, which means for real) 🙂

  2. All the pictures are wonderful! Dad and I happily recall the many family times at the beaches of Java and Bali, too. There is something so nourishing to the weary soul about the fresh sea air and the continuity of the waves and the tides. Mandy, do you remember asking Dad every day for money for pisang goreng and sate ayam?
    So glad Ben could have a nice birthday lunch! Trust you are all staying healthy during this Village work-stay. Blessings on each of you! When is Emil’s baby due? Love, the Florida Mom and Dad

    • I only wish I could get pisang goreng and sate’ayam here!! yep, we’re all doing well. Oh, the baby is already here, her name is Jessie, I will have to add her to a future posting. 🙂

  3. Loved hearing all about what’s happening and especially the pictures. Ben’s nose and mouth look more like his Dad everyday. I should know! 🙂 Looking forward to what Ellie has to say.

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