Influencing for Good: Mentoring Missionary Kids

by mendibpng


“How do you know God is real?” I asked my [future] brother in law when I was about thirteen years old. I distinctly remembering him saying something like, “just look around you at creation. Do you think all of this could have happened on its own?” We looked around at the sea, drinking in the tropical paradise: Dalat School, in Penang, Malaysia, which was my home five of the six years of my high school years. [I explain a little more here about my background.] What he said totally made sense to me! He and my older sister impacted me significantly when I was at the beginnings of making my parent’s faith my own and trying to figure out who I was. There were others: teachers, dorm parents, pastors and visiting speakers who I have distinct memories of saying that thing that I needed and who helped me make life decisions (like where I would go for college, etc.) These people devoted their life and ministry to caring for missionary kids and I’m really thankful for them

Seeing people influence my missionary kid children for good is a high value for me because I had this benefit myself. I have relished visits from our son’s teacher, who loves to talk theology. I love seeing her joke around with him and enjoy his unique way of thinking. There are other times, like when he comes home from community groups with a theological question for us where my heart swells up in thankfulness.  I love it that Ben and I are not in this parenting journey alone. I love it that there are people who care enough to speak words that my kids will remember the rest of their lives. I love it that we have ‘family’ relationships here that extend beyond blood relatives. And I’m thankful for all of those people in the past who helped me on my journey and those who are here for my kids now!


3 Comments to “Influencing for Good: Mentoring Missionary Kids”

  1. Love it! Mom.

    George Hobbs

  2. Hi Mandy, I just discovered your blog this afternoon when searching for some contact numbers for Ukarumpa, and spent the afternoon getting to know your family. 🙂 My husband and I ( now grandparents) teach at Sunrise Bethel Christian School in Port Moresby. In our 20s we went to teach at Chefoo School, Cameron Highlands, Malaysia, taking our 3 year old son. While there we adopted two Indian children, and had our 4th child on returning to Australia. Our School nurse, Nellie Keothler, a Canadian, went from Chefoo to Dalat. Was she there when you were at Dalat? What mission did your parents work with and where were they stationed? God bless, Jill Tumes.

    • Hi Jill, thanks for stopping by our blog. No, I didn’t know Nellie. I was at Dalat from 1988-1993, in Penang, Malaysia. Please feel free to look us up if you are ever in Ukarumpa!

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