On being a missionary kid…

by mendibpng

My two homeschooled kids wrote about being a missionary kid and gave me permission to post these here. Interestingly they express similar ideas although they didn’t work together at all.  All three of our oldest kids had best/close friends leave this year so it has been a hard year for them.

Traveling is fun. Moving back and forth, from place to place.
That’s what I like, but some times it’s hard to leave places.
Some times you think that it’s going to be horrible.
But when you get where you’re going it’s not that bad.
You miss other people. When you’re at the places
sometimes it is a little bad if you think that. But if
you think it’s good it will be good. 
                                                                                                 Ellie, age 9

 Life is fun and happy,
but then is sad and lonely.
It is happy to say hello,
but sad to say good bye.
So we share the happiness
with our friends we got.
And then remember the friends that left.
But when the friends come back again,
we have some happiness all over again
when we say hello.
                                                                        Noah, age 11


9 Comments to “On being a missionary kid…”

  1. Ellie and Noah, Thank you for writing about being missionary kids. It’s so true what you said about the joy part of meeting up with people and also the sad part of having to leave them….or even places you have learned to enjoy. The one thing that is never changing is the love of your family and the love of God. These are always there for you to carry you in the good days of life. We like reading your thoughts! And we love you! Tell your Mom and Dad how much we love the pictures they send of you kids. Looks like Noah, JennyBeth and Jacob had fun blowing bubbles Who had the biggest one? There is a beautiful picture of Ellie this blog, too. What a beauty! Bye for now. Sending big hugs and kisses, Your Oma and PapPapxxxxxxxxxooooooooooooooooooo

  2. Thanks, dear Johanna,
    Being a MK is a very unique blessing…These children get “in the field” the real meaning of “Grace” which is fully given “every moment” to the whole people involved in the mission. This way they learn how to work for the kingdom in a real team…Blessings, Miguel Peñaloza, YWAM Senior Spanish Editor, volunteering with GIAL, Dallas, TX

  3. You already know how much I LOVED this post Mandy!!! And then reading your parents’ comment and what my dad wrote makes it even more special. Love ya!

  4. There it is written in the words of a 9 year old – the exact things I was thinking just yesterday. I am a grown up MK working now as a missionary and on home assignment. This very week I am getting ready to move to Atlanta and it’s just downright hard to leave what has become comfortable. I need to remember what Ellie said tha when you get where you’re going you find it’s not that bad.

    • Hi Beth! Thanks for visiting our blog. Yes, I agree, leaving is hard! (not to mention painful and disorienting!) As missionaries we do it so often and it doesn’t get easier the more we do it. I am glad that Ellie’s words were helpful, I’ll let her know! 🙂

  5. Thanks for sharing your poems Ellie and Noah! I’m an MK too – I’m from Germany but grew up in Pakistan and Thailand and am studying in Madrid just now. I totally feel the same about travelling, meeting new friends – and saying goodbye. Its exciting and fun but sad at the same time. But how great to know that no matter how much changes in our lives – no matter how many times our address changes or we have to make new friends – God remains the same! He remains faithful and true and just like He promised – He is always with us and provides us with what we need, including friends and family in the places we go! God bless you both and you’re whole family! A hug from Spain.

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