Carnival 2012

by mendibpng

Every year, the highschool puts on an event for the Ukarumpa community, Carnival. It’s a highlight of the year for our kids, and we even plan our village stays around it so that we can attend! The money raised goes to charity. As someone who spends most of her time in the kitchen, I think the best thing is that we all have a day off of cooking! (a big deal here when you don’t have many opportunities to eat out.)

Ellie showing off her newly painted face…

Each class has a booth to run. I have to say, I am always impressed with what they end up putting together—most things you see at carnival are handmade and ingenious (in my humble opinion) Check out the mini golf course…each area represented a different country of the world.

Since Josiah is his class representative for student council, he had various ‘jobs’ to do during Carnival, including selling tickets (above).

We had delicious pizza made by our friend Donna and her crew of highschoolers. Did I mention how happy I was not to cook that day?

Ben took these pictures of the twins enjoying their icecream from the icecream booth. I couldn’t choose between them so I put them all in!

Waiting in line for the Dunk Tank was very amusing, especially during the Dunkee’s talkin’ smack!

Josiah had great fun dunking his math teacher, who threatened to lower his grade if he dunked her. It was hilarious! It was a great end to a very fun day.


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