Welcome to PNG, Luke!

by mendibpng

For several months now, we’ve eagerly anticipated the arrival of our intern, Luke, who plans to live and work with us this year. (Above) The kids were waving and shouting “hello Luke!” as the Kodiak plane landed ith our newest family member on it!

Finally! After the long awaited visa and support came in, Luke made it to Ukarumpa. He arrived on the last flight from Port Moresby on Friday before our team left for the village!

Here are a couple of pictures from his first day in PNG:

Luke instantly established a rapport with our five children when he arrived. They had him ripsticking/playing Super Smash Mario Bros and watched his favorite show, Avatar, with him. The day after he arrived, our community held a carnival, which we took Luke to.

You can tell we totally trust this guy because we let him hold our three year old on the ferris wheel at carnival! 🙂

When we found out that Luke wanted to come stay with us, Ben and I instantly knew that God wanted us to be open to this. We had never met him before, and only began to get to know him via email and facebook. I think it’s safe to say that he has fit in really well with our [crazy] family. We have been impressed with his flexibility and willingness to try just about anything.  Oh, and I noticed yesterday that we are laughing a lot more than before he arrived. WELCOME LUKE! You can read more about his adventures on his blog.


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