3 is a magic number…

by mendibpng

Three years ago Jacob Steven Scott joined our family. His twin sister Jenny Elizabeth arrived six minutes later!  The twins have stretched us as a family and caused us to pull together to raise these little people. I look at my three older kids and wonder what they would be like if we hadn’t added the twins to our family. I think that Jacob and Jenny Beth have taught our other kids to consider others over their own needs. Granted, the little ones get into their stuff and sometimes throw temper tantrums…but Josiah, Noah and Ellie are glad that they have these two little siblings keeping them on their toes all the time!

One more thought about the twins. When they were born, other twin parents told us “just wait until they are three. It gets easier!” I looked at them through sleep deprived eyes and desperately hoped they were right! Three year olds need lots of attention and direction; however, I have noticed that they have a special relationship and do entertain each other from time to time. They are hardly ever separated even though they do have distinct personalities. Jenny Beth is ‘all girl’–she loves anything PINK and asserts that she’s the princess in the family. She follows Jacob around like a little puppy and  adores her big sister and brothers. All she has to do is speak and they would do nearly anything for her.  Jacob, on the other hand, is a typical boy, seeking thrills from jumping off of things, aggravating his sisters while constantly talking and using language creatively. His favorite thing in the world is being able to ‘help’ someone with a job. The phrase “never a dull moment” applies here all the time!

Ellie decorated Jenny Beth’s pink cake

Josiah and Noah Noah decorated Jacob’s–he wanted a triangle on his! I loved watching them have so much fun making the day special.


6 Comments to “3 is a magic number…”

  1. Happy birthday, Jacob and Jenny Beth! Congratulations to all of you for getting to three!

  2. happy birthday to the cuties! can’t believe it’s been three years already!!!

  3. beautiful pictures- your kids are great, and you and Ben do an amazing job with them! xo

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