Village life…

by mendibpng

A dictionary workshop began this week for literacy teachers and translators. Ben has had time to tackle his massive ‘to do’ list for the project since Emil (Arop translation advisor) volunteered to do all of the teaching this week, which includes intro to typing and computer skills for the literacy teachers. Ben’s available to trouble shoot and help out but is glad to have some time to work on other things this week! Next week the team will do dictionary making training, with the help of those who went to a dictionary workshop a few months ago. One of the things we value in our project is seeing trainees become trainers for others!

Friends taking a walk…

Ellie joined in on a game of Beetle (it had a longer name but I couldn’t catch it!) Two kids throw a woven ball made of coconut leaves back and forth. If they hit someone, that person is out. I told Ellie it reminds me of a cross between monkey in the middle and dodge ball.

Noah takes a leap across the ‘baret’ (ditch) in front of our house.

Today we finished up the bulk of our homeschooling work…which means we have more time to hang outside with our friends…it often takes 2-3 weeks for the older kids to get the courage to go out and initiate games, so having two weeks of school break at the end of a village stay is perfect!

And one more baby shot…this baby is special because we have seen her daddy grow up from a young boy into a man in the last 10 years since we came. Isn’t she a cutie?!

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