Manna in the wilderness

by mendibpng

OK, so I’m not exactly in the wilderness…just the jungle..

and these beauties aren’t manna…

they are small mandarin flavored lemons. We buy them for 10 toea tu tu (5 cents for every two). They are about the size of a U.S. half dollar coin, and are easy to use.  Our three year olds are able to squeeze the juice out of them! We use them in lemon meringue pie, lemonade, Peruvian lime soup, and anything else we need lemons for.

Here are a couple of other unexpected ‘food’ blessings we had this week:

Aupa, the green leafy vegetable in my large cooking pot, is one of my favorite greens here. It has a mild flavor and I use it as a substitute for spinach in omelets, quiche, lasagna,  stir fries and curries. p.s. I have it in water because I don’t have refrigeration. It keeps for a couple of days that way. This aupa turned into Malaysian curry.

And finally, the snake bean and long wrinkly green beans. Both of these are wonderful in stirfries/fried rice/curries. The snake bean has the flavor of a green bean but it is hollow inside. I scoop out the seeds and dice it up like a green pepper. The long wrinkly green bean can be a bit tough but I cut it up really small and it is yummy.

In the last few years, I had heard that our market (once a week) was closed. It was rare for us to get much of anything fresh here except what children came to sell us at our door.  Now there is market two times a week about 30 minutes walk away, and a friend of ours generously offered this week to go for us. We can totally survive on the dehydrated beans, meat and veggies that I brought with us but it’s fun to have something fresh to cut up once in a while! Yay.


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