Journey by helicopter tomorrow

by mendibpng

tomorrow will be a first for the Pehrson family! Since the helicopter is heading out to the Sepik, the kids and I will fly in it ALL THE WAY to our village. Here’s why I am so excited:

because of this day…

this one, when a bridge was out…

this one…

and this one: even on a Good-Road-Day, it’s not always a comfortable ride!

plus we’re anxious to see this guy again:

and to get back to our home in the village!

Today I’m packing up the last minute things and will *hopefully* be ready for our 6am pickup! If you are reading this today, please pray for the kids and I as we travel–it’s going to be wonderful to be taken all the way to the village but I’m also a little anxious about all those hours traveling on my own with four children!


3 Comments to “Journey by helicopter tomorrow”

  1. It is my first time on a helicopter and the twins are telling every body. I cant wait!!!!!!!!!! Noah Pehrson:

  2. Mandy, great photos, and I hope the trip went well. Pretty exciting for everyone!

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