So that they may know…

by mendibpng

Pictured above: our Arop friends Silvia and Alice a few years ago worshiping in church. These girls now have the  opportunity to hear the Gospel of Luke and the book of Acts in their own mother tongue.

The past couple of weeks have been challenging, to say the least, health wise. I had a tummy bug  two weeks ago…then my back went out…and then this week my kids and I got another tummy bug. (Not all the kids though!) Ben left for the Aitape Baibel conference last Friday while I stayed home and worked on packing for the village.  I think the times I miss Ben the most are when the kids are throwing up at night (one of mine did, all over the floor), when there is a relational conflict between the older kids and when the twins wake up and cry in the night.

Needless to say, when Ben called me last night, I said something like “I am really glad you are there but it’s hard for me to share you so much with our work!”

Lest you feel sorry for me (no need!), I want to say that I had a great sense of accomplishment today, getting our 4 wheel drive truck down to the autoshop to get fuel, arranging to get the tires filled up, organizing a new gas bottle to be delivered, having all of our cargo labeled and ready to go before a 3 pm pickup, and sorting out other details for the trip. I even had time for a cuppa with some new friends and enjoyed two unexpected visits from friends after that! Added to the other ‘stuff,’ I have purposefully worked on having good boundaries with the kids, especially cracking down on complaining and whining in all of them from ages 2-13. Ben is much stronger in the area of discipline so it has been good for me to be on my own and work on consistency while he’s away. The kids have been really helpful and I am thankful that the transition stress hasn’t decended yet. (yes….it’s coming I know…but maybe the anticipation of riding in a helicopter will help!)

I am going to let Ben write some specific reports  in a few days about what is happening at the conference, but in general, he has been telling me that the church leaders and our translators are enthusiastic to be talking together about Bible translation. Specifically, they want to know how they can support the Aitape West Translation project and possibly expand into the Aitape East side.  Many of our Papua New Guinean translators shared today and covered almost all of the topics that Ben wanted covered (without having had prior knowledge of his list!)

I want to say that I feel a lot of satisfaction in this work we are called to do, simply because I look at the faces of the people we work with and realize that having the Bible in their own language is going to give them the opportunity to know God personally. They will be able to read His Word and learn truths that they have never heard before.

Tonight, I do miss Ben, but I am full of thankfulness that he is pouring himself out for the people of the Aitape West. Just in case you want to pray specifically for them, the language map is here (The languages we work with are in bold)


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