“my daddy’s on the airplane”

by mendibpng

So for the last few times that Ben has been away, Jacob tells everyone he meets “my daddy’s on the airplane. He going to the Billage” (village) It appears that he believes Ben is still up in the sky in a plane! Jenny Beth hasn’t mentioned daddy yet, but she has been extra sensitive lately. “Me happy. Mama, you happy too?”

Although Ben is not in a plane, he is presently with our team in Aitape preparing for the Aitape Baibel Conference I wrote about recently. If you have time to remember our teammates in prayer: Ken Tobiana, (special speaker) Ben, Jess, Beth and Bob (regional area director) will all likely have opportunities to speak publicly and to talk to people one on one. Also, our translators arrive tomorrow and many of them will have a chance to share their passion for Bible translation. Ben writes that he has heard reports that people from different denominations and churches are planning to attend. We are praying that people from each of the 11 language groups involved in our translation project will be represented.

The kids and I are doing great here. Sometimes when Ben leaves, it’s really difficult because I miss him and it helps to have two of us to keep our family of seven moving along. I had a deep sense of well being the whole day, and I think it’s because people have been praying for us. Today the twins shocked me by their ability to get to the potty on time. I know this  probably sounds trivial but with an upcoming village stay looming it is a huge boost to know they CAN do it.  I overheard my 11 yr old today boasting about Jenny Beth’s toilet skills to his buddies, it was really cute!

All our village food is packed and ready to go, with the exception of a few more things to dehydrate this week.  The boys have hosted sleepovers, and I had time to watch a chick flick with Ellie tonight. We leave in a week, Lord willing!

2 Comments to ““my daddy’s on the airplane””

  1. Good morning Mandy, Thank you for continuing to post updates so we can pray for your specific needs. We are praying for you, Ben, the kids, the translation projects, those you work with, and those you minister too. Also, please do continue to report the day in, day out details – they are not at all trivial. Its awesome to read how you are be able to find joy and praise God for the little things, even potty training. I think it’s when we lose sight of the little triumphs that we get overwhelmed by the big picture – how easily we can miss the beauty of the individual trees because we only see the large forest (or jungle). So keep looking for, and sharing, those little gems of joy each day 🙂 continuing to pray for you all, Brynda Streff

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    • thank you, Brynda, for your comment! 🙂 I appreciate the encouragement to keep writing. We really appreciate your prayers…may you too find joy in the little things. 🙂 Blessings to you!!

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