ABC: Aitape Baibel Conference

by mendibpng

Aitape Baibel Conference – Sios Bung Bilong Tokples ABC
(Aitape Bible Conference – Church Gathering for Vernacular ABC)
August 13-16

Please pray for this conference that starts next week for district church leaders from about ten denominations in Aitape. It’s all about asking God how they might partner together across denominational boundaries as part of the Bible translation movement in their part of Papua New Guinea. Luke was published last year in seven languages and Luke-Acts together will be published this year in ten. If district church leaders understand the importance of people hearing God’s Word in their own heart language, then their congregations at the local level may receive the training and opportunities they need to use and be transformed by the translated Scriptures. But there are also many other languages in the surrounding district that still have none of Bible in their own languages. So this conference is about the possibility of the Church being united in owning the mission to equip remote people living in darkness with the Word of God.

Pray for those leading the conference and the participants, that those whom God desires to be there will be able to come, and that the Spirit of God will grant unity of heart and purpose. And may it not be too long before those still walking in darkness see a great light.

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