welcome to the teenage years!

by mendibpng

A couple of weeks ago, Josiah turned 13, making him a teenager! Wow. It’s hard to believe that my sweet cuddly little boy is growing up. I’m sure most, if not every parent feels like the years have slipped by quickly…well…it’s happening here too. He’s learning to  discern for himself what is right and wrong. He is beginning to make good boundary choices with his time. Now is the time for us to give him room to grow and make those decisions himself so that when he leaves our home he will have some tools in place to do so. Once in a while, when I see him making mature decisions, I feel a sense of relief but also a teeny bit of loss. He needs us still but not in the way he did when he was little. So all that to say, Happy 13th Birthday Josiah. May you continue to grow to become a man who loves God and loves others well.

the first order of the day was to give Joe a guitar  amp we had sent by sea many many months ago!

Ben helped test out all the different settings while Joe played. Not sure who had more fun, dad or son…

Later that afternoon, we rented the community waterslide for his birthday party

Hold onto your glasses!

Ellie took a couple of turns before it got too cold!

Afterwards, Joe and friends all came up to our house, changed and ate pizza rolls and popcorn. Here he is blowing out candles on his desert pizza. Oh, and they finished off the night with a loud game of Quelf. If you’ve never played this hilarious board game, I  highly recommend you try it.

2 Comments to “welcome to the teenage years!”

  1. Our youngest of five is now 16, and the teenage years have been great for our whole family. Happy birthday, Josiah!

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