“The WORD of GOD came and reached us!”

by mendibpng

The village consultants (the local language experts who came to help check Acts) absorbed Biblical truth during the consultant checking. Our teammate Jessie translated their comments from Tok Pisin into English.

I love that the theological concepts I have known my whole life have become evident to these men simply by reading the book of Acts in their own language!

Pou – Bauni Language

“Through the Apostles of Christ, the Word of God came and reached us.  We are the Gentiles, but God has a plan for everyone to know him.  Jesus came and died on earth, meaning that, he took us, the Gentiles, and put us together with the Jews as one family of God.”

Barupu – Bauni Language

“We feel the sweetness of our own language and are very happy and excited about the book of Acts.  It runs very well and cries good to our ears (sounds natural).  When we go back to the village we will tell the others of the good work that the translators are doing.  THANK YOU!!!”

And another said:  “I am very happy about the work of translating the Bible into my own language.  I am somewhat knowledgeable about the Bible, but in some sections I did not understand the true meaning very well.  However, now during the checking of Acts, my eyes have been opened to understand certain parables or sections… Also, now I understand how God’s Word works, and when the checking is done and I go back to my village, I will go to bed and get up with God’s Word.  Now my eyes are open, and I no longer want to practice anything that is wrong.  I encourage our translators to do the same in their lives in order that we may show everyone else the power God’s Word has to change lives.”

Arop Language

“When we read through Acts chapters 20-28 it really challenged our lives, because of the work and life of Paul which he gave entirely to doing God’s work.  This confronted us and made us realize that we needed to change our lives to do God’s work.  Also the work that the translators are doing is very good and the translation is coming up clear in our own language and making it easy and quick to understand the meaning of God’s Word.”

Goiniri Language

“When we checked Acts chapter 20-28, we found Paul’s story and mission work very interesting and challenging. The Gospel had come to the non-Jews and this is what saved them.  This really challenged me to change my own life.”


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