The Ba’e river adventure

by mendibpng

Can you see Joe and Noah in the background?

Jacob said “Hi friends!” over and over to these cute kids who followed us for about 1/4 of the trip, until the river bank ran out. I’m sure we were quite the spectacle!

This was our first family adventure with the twins–they did GREAT. (outside of our ‘normal’ jungle adventures when we go to and from the village!) Thankfully our friend Donna was home when we got out of the river near her house so we used her car to go pick up ours.

Poor Ben, he lost his wedding ring plus one of his crocs while he tried to rescue the kids and I from going down the rapids too quickly. At the end of our trip a rock poked a hole in our little raft too.


3 Comments to “The Ba’e river adventure”

  1. I love these photos. What a fun family time!

    This reminds me of family hikes and picnics we used to enjoy in and around the village in Guatemala. We were a spectacle, just being the only North American family around, regardless of our activities. But these were important family experiences and, now, are great memories.

    • yes! I’m so glad Ben was able to take time off to do some of these things with the family. 🙂 Did you have places to swim close by your village?

      • I don’t remember swimming near the village when I was a child. The water at that high elevation was cold. But from boarding school we went on fun river hikes to some great swimming spots. Our favorite place to go anytime, and especially for swimming, was Lake Atitlán. Congrats to you and Ben for taking time for this family fun!

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