You know you are in Ukarumpa when…(a mom’s perspective)

by mendibpng

My friend Clare helped me come up with a few of these… J

  • Seeing liquid dish soap (or some other item you’ve been pining for) in the store makes you excited
  • A package from your home country is the highlight of the week…or month…or year!
  • All of your friends live within walking distance.
  • Your kids have dried mud on their legs from the knees down
  • You know when to expect your children home from school because you hear the school bell from your house
  • You encounter people from many different nationalities at the store. I once counted seven nationalities from one trip alone!
  • Herbs and veggies grow year ‘round in your garden.
  • The sun coming out means you can have a hot shower and get your laundry dry.
  • You buy a crazy supply of the thing you love to cook with because next week it may not be available for several months. (I have 3 bottles of Hot Wings sauce in my pantry.)
  • Bible study is your ‘night out’ with your husband.
  • A trip to the nearest town (30 minutes drive away) is the first outing off center you’ve had in months. We call it ‘retail therapy.’
  • You try to sneak out to the fruit and vegetable market at 6.30 am, but your children all wake up and want to come with you.
  • A sun shiny day means you can get the baby pool out but you have to add several buckets of warm water so that the kids lips don’t turn blue.
  • You take the time to roll out tortillas and make pizza from scratch because food from your home country is comforting.
  • A girl’s night out can be a sleepover at the volunteer center, a trip to the sauna or a movie night at someone’s house.
  • A ‘date’ night with your husband is putting the kids to bed early and having a late candlelight supper at home because there are no places to eat out.

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