Grandparents Visit

by mendibpng

Right to left: my dad (Pap Pap), mom (Oma), Jenny Beth, me, Ellie, Ben, Noah, Jacob and Josiah

Our kids loved connecting with their grandparents after not seeing them for two years! We Skype  regularly so the twins knew my parents instantly and went right to them when they arrived.

Jenny Beth drank in all the extra attention from my parents. It didn’t take long for her to ask for my dad to get her out of her bed in the morning (and not mommy!)

Playing scrabble with Oma

My parents braved a cold Ukarumpa morning to see the market!

On Noah’s birthday we had pizza, hot wings and cake that Oma made. Here is Noah taking a turn at PNG fireworks (steel wool set on fire).

All of our kids LOVED the presents my parents brought. Joe got his birthday present a month early (a remote control helicopter).

Mama Hana has been with us for 10 years, and what a blessing it was to introduce her to my parents! She gave them each a bilum she made for them.  (string bag)

Five of our translators came to Ukarumpa to help teach a computer course.  One day we hosted them for a meal so that they could meet my parents.  Pictured from left to right: Jessie, translation advisor, Dominic (Onnele), Ben, Petrus (Malol), Joe (Barupu), Clement (Pou), my mom, my dad, and Kenny (Sissano). My parents told me later that this was a highlight for them, to meet some of the people we work with.

One of the great things about having parents visit is that there are more hands to do all the ‘normal’ things…like helping occupy the twins and making a fire for us every day so that we had hot water.

We had a wonderful visit, and I was so thankful that my parents bravely traveled around the world to come visit us!!


3 Comments to “Grandparents Visit”

  1. Mandy, thanks for sharing this story about your parents’ visit. It’s beautiful and inspiring to see these relationships, through which each generation powerfully experiences God’s compassion and faithful love. It’s great too that your parents and some of your translation partners could meet each other. I’m reminded of Psalm 145, which we read in family devotions yesterday: “I will exalt you, my God and King, and praise your name forever and ever. . . . Let each generation tell its children of your mighty acts.”

    • Yes!! We are so thankful that my parents were able to come and see where we live. I think the translators really appreciated it when my parents prayed for them–my mom told them that she has been praying for them every day and she was really glad to meet them in person. 🙂

  2. I enjoy reading through a post that will make men and women think.
    Also, thank you for permitting me to comment!

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