10 things you need to know about Noah

by mendibpng


Noah is often the first person to offer to help in the kitchen.

Noah’s top 10:

1. My favorite food is curry

2. My favorite color is hot red

3 My favorite sport is soccer or basketball

4 My favorite things to do are running, climbing and reading what I consider a good book

5. My favorite types of books are the kind full of action and adventure like Rangers Apprentice, Redwall, or Percy Jackson

6. My favorite thing about homeschooling in the village is if I chose to I can be done at like 10:00 AM

7. The best thing about being an M.K. is I have lots of friends some here and some there

8. I like to be around people but sometimes I just have to be alone

9. In Ukarumpa I like to ride my skateboard down a steep hill or ride a rip-stick

10. I am almost 11 years old and I am going into Grade 5


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