10 things you need to know about me: Ellie

by mendibpng

Ellie wrote a long story for her journal time while we’ve homeschooled here in the village. On the last page, she wrote the following list and I asked her if I could make it into a blog post. She readily agreed. Stay tuned for Noah’s top 10 tomorrow!

10 things you need to know about  Ellie:

1.      She is eight an a half years old.

2.      Ellie’s is going into Grade three.

3.      Ellie is short for Eleanna [E-lay-anna]

4.      Her favorite animal is a horse.

5.      Eleanna means “my God has answered.”

6.      Ellie’s middle name is Irene.

7.      Ellie’s favorite color is indigo blue.

8.      Ellie’s favorite thing to do is art.

9.      Ellie’s favorite team sport is the obstacle course.

10.   Ellie’s favorite board game is the game of Life.


5 Comments to “10 things you need to know about me: Ellie”

  1. I love her hair! Too funny that my Ellie would answer the questions mostly the same way. Love to you all!

  2. Hi Ellie –

    This is Grandpa. I love your list. It’s so fun reading about the things you like and that you like to do. Of course, I knew some of those things already. And it’s nice to learn more.

    It’s also fun to learn that your favorite animal is a horse, and to see several “Black Stallion” books by Walter Farley in your picture. When I was a boy, probably about your age, I read many of the Black Stallion books. Aren’t they exciting and fun ? I remember finding it hard to put the book down when I was reading those great stories. It helps me to see why your favorite animal is a horse.

    About two weeks ago, I was sitting at the kitchen table at our house, and a beautiful Indigo Bunting came to our feeder. I got my camera to get a picture of him, but by the time I got back he had moved around to the back of the feeder, and soon he flew away. Anyway, he has a beautiful indigo blue color that is very pretty, especially when he is in the sunlight.

    It’s so nice that you like art. That follows a long tradition and history in our family. It’s neat that some of those things get passed along through our genetic make-up, isn’t it ?

    You look so beautiful in your pictures with your beautiful natural smile. I wish we lived closer together so we could see you in person more often. I love you very much. Bye for now.

    Lots of Love,


  3. Love your work Ellie!

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