The Littles in the village

by mendibpng

We’ve been working on not saying “The Babies” anymore when we refer to our twins. After all, they are 2 1/2 years old already. If Jacob catches one of us calling him a baby he yells “I not baby. Ain a big bo-eee!” Jenny Beth calls him “De-Dub” to which he replies “I not De-dub, I Cha-cob!” (Emphasis on the “ch”) She mostly refers to him as Bab-ba (brother) though. We’ve started calling them The Littles lately.

I thought I’d share a pictoral view of what they’ve been up to this week…

Ben picked up the camera as I read e-mails on his computer…

Sometimes it feels like there are arms and legs everywhere. I’m a human jungle gym!

“MOMMY! I’m done mine cereal!” Jacob is all about tactile experience…why eat your food when you can wear it?

They giggled uncontrollably when Ben wrapped them up in a towel together after their bath…

And finally, Jenny Beth and Jacob like to take turns sitting on daddy’s lap while he works. They are surprisingly content to ‘be’ and it helps me tremendously to have one little out from under my feet for a few minutes!


5 Comments to “The Littles in the village”

  1. I’ll add my two cents in here about The Littles. We measured them today on our wall, and the winner for growing the most in the last 8 months is… Jenny Beth! She grew a whole 3 inches and Jacob comes in at a close second place at 2.5 inches. Ellie grew almost 2 inches.

  2. Mandy, I know that being a “human jungle gym” can be exhausting, but thanks for giving us this look inside your family and village home. Those twins are adorable!

  3. thanks Dan, yes, sometimes I get tired of them crawling all over me, but usually I don’t mind, it’s funny. I have a similar picture of Josiah and Noah doing the same thing when they were 3 and 1. 🙂 I guess that’s what little kids instinctively do!

  4. Do they ever wear clothes? 🙂 They’re so cute–great post.

    • Good question Heidi! Yes, they wear clothes but only occasionally because it’s so hot. The temperatures don’t go much higher than 85-90 but it’s the humidity that gets us–week we had a day that was at 95% humidty. I figure that when they are potty trained (we still haven’t started) then I’ll have to start putting clothes on them for sure! Thanks for commenting! 🙂

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