Running into the arms of God….

by mendibpng

I just overheard Jacob loudly saying “I want mine daddy!” Sometimes he says it when his daddy is available and sometimes it’s when Ben is in the middle of consultant checking, so I have to distract him. I was thinking about God and how my desire for him dulls when I am busy. My daily tasks in the village often feel relentless: laundry, dishes, cooking, homeschooling, and often I fall into bed exhausted at the end of the day. Today is Sunday and I asked Ben if I could read my bible upstairs away from everybody else. He readily agreed and here are a few verses that jumped out at me. I often read from The Message because it gives me a fresh perspective on things I was born and raised on.

“I’ve already run for dear life straight into the arms of God” Psalm 11:1

“Keep me safe, O God, I’ve run for dear life to you. I say to GOD, “Be my Lord!” Without you, nothing makes sense.” Psalm 16:1

My heart cries for God the way Jacob cries for his daddy. I long for times when I can be quiet enough to hear from Him and get the nourishment I need to pour myself into the tasks I need to do. I don’t feel like I have a bunch of enemies seeking to kill me but sometimes I just need God to save me from myself…when I am tired or the twins have been cranky, I am more likely to respond in sin.

So God, let me run into Your arms today!


2 Comments to “Running into the arms of God….”

  1. What a beautiful cry of the heart: “I want mine daddy!” As a father, I love to hear this from my children, so I expect our Father in heaven loves to hear this cry from us too.

    Mandy, I pray that this week God will give you his rest and nourishment so you have energy for your relentless tasks, which are important work that honors him and cares for your family.

    • yes! It is really fun to watch as our kids each grow in their attachment to us as their parents and also in their love for God. Jacob and Jenny Beth are small but their earthly father has already taught them how to pray to their heavenly father. 🙂 Thanks for the encouragement!

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