Next year in new Jerusalem!

by mendibpng




Ellie eats her matzah bread while Ben explains its meaning. We celebrated a Passover Seder with another family last night.

I thought I’d write a quick update about our first Passover Seder since I had written about my pre-seder thoughts a couple of days ago. We did a simplified version but included the following elements:

Hiding/getting rid of all the yeast bread. The children found bread around the living room to hide. On this night we eat only unleavened bread in remembrance of the Israelites flight from Egypt–they didn’t have time to let their bread rise.

Ceremonial hand washing

The Seder plate:

  • Bitter herbs (parsley):  symbolizing the hardship that the Israelites had as the slaves of the Egyptians. These we dipped into salt water, which represented the tears they shed.
  • Roasted egg: representing the cycle of life, endurance of of God’s people and a hope for the future
  • Charoset: a sauce made of apples, raisins, wine, cinnamon and walnuts (we used pandanus nuts) to represent the mortar between the bricks that the Israelites made
  • Lamb shank bone: signifying the sacrificial lamb

Children asking questions

Leaving a place for Elijah

Communion, connecting Jesus’ sacrifice with the Passover

Each activity is done so that we are able to focus on Christ’s sacrifice for us. I think the most meaningful part of the meal was sharing in communion with our kids and the friends who had joined us. We’ll definitely do this again next year!




2 Comments to “Next year in new Jerusalem!”

  1. Love this ! How wonderful for the kids to be able to hear these connections.
    Great job you guys. Dad (Grandpa)

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