holy week preparation

by mendibpng

Ellie picked these flowers in our yard and arranged them herself in preparation for Easter.

It seems like I am finally coming out of the ‘giving birth to twins’ fog. Last week I realized that although we had read Bible stories to the older kids, we hadn’t really done much of that outside of family worship (mostly singing) with our two year olds. To be honest, only one of them enjoys sitting and reading books at this point—the other prefers jumping off the couch! And yet, they are at the age where they are soaking up everything. I don’t want to neglect the most important thing: teaching them about Jesus.

I have resisted doing a lot of ‘spiritualized crafts’ and things in the past because I was afraid of becoming legalistic or appearing competative with other moms. However, the biggest reason centers around being just plain tired and worn out from the mundane tasks I do every day: cooking, cleaning, urging my kids to pick up after themselves, changing diapers, settling disputes and wiping noses to name a few.

It dawned on me that Easter was just around the corner and I had done NOTHING with the kids. Nada. I haven’t felt much like doing anything about Easter since the twins came along, aside from making sure everybody had enough chocolate Easter eggs to eat. When we were home on furlough it was easy to let the church fulfill that role. So last week I asked for some ideas on facebook and did some internet searches…and one night I thought about putting on a Seder that explained the Passover but also highlighted Jesus’ sacrifice. It all seemed very foreign to me but as I was researching it, I started hungering for tradition and rituals. Being over here without many of the perks of our churches back home, I wanted to do something that would help us focus on Jesus this Easter. Ben was still enroute to home, (he’s home now!) so I talked it over with him and he was all for it, in fact he was making the Passover connections before he even saw the material I was working with.

The thing is, I didn’t realize how putting together this meal would affect me. I took a powerpoint from a friend and simplified it greatly so that hopefully the littles won’t get too distractable. As I went through the slides, the words from “Once Again” by Matt Redman came to mind, especially the words “thank you for the cross…thank you for the cross my friend” washed over me. And so, as this holy week progresses, I hope to keep the cross at the forefront of my mind, not because I have to or because I want to look spiritual, but because I love Him. And I want to share that with my kids. If we get around to taking pictures I’ll try to post some of our Seder, and hopefully it won’t be a flop. I guess if it is, I will have had the benefit of the preparation I had going into it. I want my home to be a holy place where God is evident…

2 Comments to “holy week preparation”

  1. The Seder dinner is my favorite Easter preparation. I remember my parents hosting them sometimes when I was growing up. And then I started participating and hosting during my three years in PNG. This thursday we will celebrate with 11 people here. I am super excited. Something about the history combined with looking forward to the future. Then a friday tenebrae service and it all just makes Easter sunday more glorious. The Seder is made for families and children so hopefully your kids will embrace it and love it!

    • Joy, we have never done one before ever, so it is all a new experience for us! May you have a wonderful holy week. Miss you over here!

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