Journey to Arop…

by mendibpng

Our plane landed at our first destination, Tadji, on the way to a translation and recording workshop in Arop village in January.

The road was good except for this spot…

…and this one.

Finally we arrived in Arop, where we have just a 5 minute walk to our house.

Home sweet home!!

Once we were in Arop, Dan Bauman (pictured above) and Andy Weaver began recording the book of Luke with our translators while Ben and Jessie worked with them on refining Acts. I cooked everybody’s lunch and homeschooled the kids…it was busy but very productive!

(Photos by Dan Bauman and Jessie Wright–thanks guys!)


3 Comments to “Journey to Arop…”

  1. Hey man, .This was an excellent page for such a hard subject to talk about. I look forward to reading many more great posts like these. Thanks 619651

  2. Hi there, I am in DBTI (Port Moresby). I am from Arop village # 1 and it was great going through the page and your experience out there. Miss Home ha ha.. Thanks alot Bill Tomur

    • hi Bill, thanks for your comment–glad you could see a bit of your home through our blog. We love working here, and are grateful to be working with the Aitape West Translation team!! Do you know our teammates the Nystroms?

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