From Koi Nili to Goiniri, and back again

by bzephyr

Part 7 in the continuing short history of the Goiniri Onnele people of Papua New Guinea as reported to me last week by Dominic Pusai…

Over the years, the Goiniri Onnele people have increased in numbers and spread out, constantly needing to clear new land for their gardens. This has created much conflict with the traditional landowners from Nengian.

This year, a lumber company is constructing a new bush road that will connect Amsuku just beyond Wolwale and Romei to Old Goiniri and beyond. The road has just about reached their Koi Nili homeland. The Goiniri people are talking about moving back to their traditional land. That would resolve the conflict with their Nengian neighbors, and plus, there’s just something about moving back to your roots, to the ground that God gave to your ancestors.


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