We came from Feliple, “place of the mango”

by bzephyr

For the next week, I am posting a brief history of the Goiniri Onnele people of Papua New Guinea as reported to me last week by Goiniri Bible translator Dominic Pusai.

The Goiniri Onnele people speak a dialect of Northern One, a Papuan language, and live several miles inland from the northern coast of Papua New Guinea along the western range of the Torricelli Mountains. The ancestors of the Goiniri people originated on the site of a tall mountain. From that mountain they could look out over the whole region to the east and west of Aitape between the Austronesian-speaking coastal villages of Matabau, Arop, Sissano and Serra. The local name of this mountain is Feliple, which means “place of the mango.” This is the area that God gave to their ancestors.


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